Hip-hop Fans Are Excited – New Online Slot Game by AvatarUX Is Here

Turn the volume up and join AvatarUX in its latest hip-hop adventure HipHopPop!

Listen to that beat: 

This slot game combines the inovative PopWins mechanic with creative content, which makes it exciting and enjoyable for the players. It is placed across 5×3 reels which pay both ways. Winning symbols are there to make the game more interesting and increase the chances of winning. When a winning symbol lands on the reel and two more appear to win the space, the potential of paylines and wins can increase rapidly

When there is music, there are always people who want to party. Nothing is different in this game – the floor is filled with partying characters, boomboxers, and indispensable stylish sneakers. The goal is to gain access to the free spins round, which can be achieved by unlocking all reels to the weight of six, which is the max weight that can possibly be gained at this time of the game.

When the free spins round is unlocked, reels can enhance even higher, up to nine symbols. The producers also included the Synced Reel feature, which can match up two symbols randomly during the bonus round. 

But there are more challenges prepared for the players! When the bonus is triggered, the gamers meet the gamble wheel. They will be able to spin it, and if they are lucky, they will win improved free spins modes

Hip-hop Fans Are Excited – New Online Slot Game by AvatarUX Is Here

The prize can be multiplied during this round. A starting multiplier can be increased by at least 1x every time for every spin that is winning. The best thing is that the multiplier won’t reset during this round.

For the players who are too impatient to progress to the bonus step-by-step, in some markets is possible to choose among a few options. They include basic free spins, guaranteed wilds, synced reels, or all of it – it all depends on the amount of money the player is ready to spend. 

PopWins for Win:

AvatarUX has an impressive portfolio of unique, modern games. The company was  the recipient of the Rising Star award at the 2020 EGR B2B Awards.

The company’s partners are among the ones who will try the game before it is available around the globe. But don’t worry – at the beginning of the New Year, HipHopPop will be launched globally.

Nicola Longmuir, CEO at AvatarUX, said in a recent press release: “HipHopPop™ sees us break out our dance moves and get down with the beat as players look to land huge wins on the dancefloor through our innovative PopWins™ mechanic.

“We continue to explore exciting themes with our PopWins™ games as this has been one of our most enjoyable yet!”